Jeff C – Lead Software Engineer at Discovery Communications, Atlanta, Georgia

“Brian was the development manager that first hired me at Discovery. Eventually, I was moved to another team as my role within the company evolved, but Brian remains one of the best bosses I’ve ever had in my career. His ability to manage a development staff is something I will forever try to model in my own career. Brian is excellent at helping mentor developers – helping them reach their full potential. He can identify team members’ talents and help them work on areas that need improvement. He is always organized, and helped developers communicate with other teams to manage expectations as well as collect and refine requirements on projects. Brian would be an excellent candidate for any management role in any organization, and I have no doubt he could contribute immediately.”

Ben W – PHP Developer, Atlanta, Georgia

“You’ve always been a great boss!”

Cheryl B – Chief Software Architect at Discovery Communications, Atlanta, Georgia (remote)

“During the 6 years that I worked with Brian, he moved rapidly through the Technical Management career track from Developer to Team Lead to Web Development Manager and finally to Director of Front End Development at Discovery Communications. These increasingly demanding positions utilized Brian’s growing managerial and communication skills. He refined his ability to identify and hire new development resources; facilitated their integration into various business teams; and motivated each new hire to become productive as quickly as possible. He provided strong guidance for optimized processes and workflow using Agile methodology and personally managed our in-house installation of Jira, the ticket tracking system.

Brian’s expertise in these managerial roles enabled me, as Chief Software Architect, to perform my job more efficiently. This was a huge benefit to me. If you are lucky enough to have Brian working with your company you will find that he is motivated to excel in his role; will take responsibility; learn the nuances of your team’s organization and processes; and not only build, but continually develop a personal network in the company that supports a strong development manager.”

Renee L – PHP Developer, Atlanta, Georgia

“I really enjoy working with Brian. Great technologist as well as conceptual thinker, especially when creating and working on projects. He’s open-minded, patient, organized and open to exploration within the technical realm. I have learned a lot from his mastery in technology and I look forward to seeing more things to come from him and his business in the near future.”

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