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The design of this site was based upon the Wild West Bar and Grill logo which the client had professionally created. Once we identified a font that nearly matched the ‘W’s in the logo and another western font we built out the design. We also had professionally taken publicity photographs to work with which allowed us to focus on some of the imagery.

We added the cow skull to the logo and used the revised ‘written out’ logo for the header anchor. An EPS of the running cowboys was repeated, changed to a shadow and then a glow used. This would become the repeating pattern in the footer of the site.


The backend was a standard LAMP site with tables and a CMS to manage the following features:

  • Photo uploads (w/ autosized thumbnails and a gallery based upon categories)
  • Menu (with food categories and database links to uploaded food photos)
  • Upcoming Bands and Events

Our standard contact form and custom map finished the site out for the client.

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