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This website was created for a local charity to support adoption of shelter pets. To create the pet themed site I started with actual photos of various shelter pets. The dog we used in the long run as the anchor image for the site did not have the proper background so we masked it out and created the stripes seen here. Additional masking in Photoshop allowed for the seemingly 3D effect of the dog looking through the Photoshop created frame. I used a photo of a real dog collar to create the continuous header that allowed for background image re-flow. The image-based headers and navigation were created in Photoshop again by starting with a free font called Good Boy and adding drop shadow. The font came with a variant called Good Boy Cool that provided the foot prints in glyph format so that I could render them in reverse shadow against the sand.


Another typical LAMP stack with tables to support meta data for the locally sheltered pets. A custom built CMS to control page content and manage needed pet information including photographs. The contact form was handled by a custom PHP script, donations were not accepted online due to a requirement set by the site owner.

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