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The foundation of this website was built upon a single amateur photograph of a relative of the client. After viewing several photos presented by the client I settled  on the one here. This photo just happened to be taken in the perfect composition and the subject very much reflected the essence of a healthy child. I masked the subject in photoshop, then applied a gaussian blur to a copy of the layer.  This second layer was placed below the masked original with a gradient mask applied to create a fade to white.

Each flower was hand selected from a series of photos available through a photo collection, then masked, drop shadow applied and then resized to represent each section of the website.

Click the screen shot above to see other sample pages from the now decommissioned Homeopathy for the Child site.


A typical LAMP stack sat behind the website with a couple unique requirements. The eCommerce was handled through PayPal’s simplified cart, but a requirement to agree to a disclaimer prior to purchase meant that we needed to capture this information before allowing a product to be added to the cart. This agreement was captured with a session variable which was passed onto the cart and subsequently emailed to the client. The email was handled with a library that I had written to handle contact forms.

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