How to change your byline text in WordPress

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbMany WordPress themes show the author of a post in a byline format just below the article title. If this is the case for your theme, you will likely want to change the default formatting of the author’s name. The default format is to use the login of the author, which is not as user friendly as might be desired. You might prefer to use First Last for your blog, or even a Nickname.

For themes that support the change (most of them) this is very easily handled directly from the individual user profile.

  1. Log into your WordPress instance
  2. From the left hand Dashboard menu choose Users
  3. Edit the user that needs formatting
  4. Scroll to Display name publicly as
  5. Select an available name format option
  6. Click Update Profile

Note: The formats available are combinations of the username, first name, last name and nickname. These fields must be filled in for all of the formatting options to be available.