Brian Gibbins started on the crazy train of web development way back in 1993 when public interest just began… and no one had ever heard of a web designer or a web developer or a web administrator… instead they were webmasters.



Brian’s interest in the Internet first began when using Mosaic to browse early websites. His interest morphed into research when he became a desktop support technician. Then really began in earnest as he learned to create some of the first division and corporate home pages for Harris Corporation in Brevard County, Florida. Read more to find out the details of Brian’s early Internet life and how he became a webmaster.



Internet professionals in the industry started to specialize and new opportunities were to be found everywhere. Brian moved his family to Colorado Springs after accepting what would be his first job with a title of web developer. Read more to find out the details of Brian’s second stage as a developer and then a team leader in an exploding market.



The bubble burst and Brian moved to Atlanta, Georgia. His full stack experience gaining him an extra edge over other candidates, he accepted a role as a designer/developer in East Point. Read more to find out the details of Brian’s transition to business owner and manager of technical staff.

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