How to enable right-mouse click on your Mac

For many, the learning curve to go from PC to Mac is an easy one… and for others tiny little differences add up to quick frustration.

Take the right-mouse click motion that is very much a standard for every PC user. The default configuration for OSX does not enable the right-mouse click which means the transitioning user is continually clicking on the right side of their mouse and not getting the intended response.

Now, it may seem a little strange right-mouse clicking on an input device that has no visible right and left buttons to it, but make this configuration change and you will be greatly rewarded.


  1. Choose System Preferences... from the Apple Menu (top left icon on any screen with a visible menu)
  2. Under the row labeled Hardware, click Mouse
  3. Enable Secondary Click by selecting the checkbox next to the option
  4. Click on right side should be now set as the default (although you can change it to left if you prefer)
  5. Close your System Preferences window