220px-Mci_logoMCI – Colorado Springs, Colorado
Web Software Developer
November 1997 – January 2000

I moved to Colorado Springs in November of 1997. On the first day of work as a contractor, one week after I had moved – I was presented with Bad News. MCI was just put on a hiring freeze and all contractors were suspended.

I spent the next two months on the bench working in the office of the placement agency falling back on my support skills. I installed Lotus accounts, maintained printers and whatever other desktop support was needed. To occupy other time in the office I learned Microsoft Visual Script for Active Server Pages (ASP) and added it to my skill set.

Then in February the hiring freeze was lifted and I was contracted with MCI to work on an internal tool. This web based application collected data from mainframe applications that ended abnormally (ABENDS), stored them in an MS SQL database and allowed web based reporting through the reigning web browser of the the time – Netscape. My role was to write the web portion of the project in ASP (now called ASP classic). The web application presented the end user with the ability to visualize the data in a selection of different views – in ASP (now called Classic ASP).

Following this assignment, I was brought on full time at MCI to work on the Internal Sales and Services Tools team. Not surprisingly this team supported the other internal teams by creating web based applications to assist the teams in their work. The first of my many assignments paired me with the team’s senior database admin who taught me MS SQL over the next year.

Prior to the merger of Worldcom and MCI, the team’s senior DBA and I conceived of and created an internal tool which we named R.S.V.P. This tool served two primary needs of the division by incorporating an organizational database into a meeting scheduler. Features included: meeting invitations by organizational leadership hierarchy allowing for the inclusion or exclusion of their direct reports; recurring email reminders letting an invitee know they have not yet responded and automatic revised invitations based on organizational changes within the business unit. The tool was much like the Microsoft Outlook of today except with organizational intelligence. MCI (now Verizon), I and the other developers on the team have a patent filed on this product.


  • Original website designs using Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Designed on PC running Windows NT 4.0
  • HTML & Javascript hand-coded using MS Visual Studio
  • Hosted on Windows NT servers running Microsoft’s IIS and SQL
  • Earned product internal awards
  • Co-patented web application for managing internal meetings

Skills used during this role:

  • Adobe GoLive
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Apache
  • Beyond Compare
  • ChiliSoft
  • Communications
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • Linux
  • MS Enterprise SQL Server
  • MS Internet Information Server
  • MS Visual Source Safe
  • MS Visual Studio
  • mSQL
  • PHP

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