internet professional

Greetings and Salutations!

I am a broadly experienced Internet professional looking for my next long-term opportunity. I have extensive experience working directly with the Internet technologies and the many teams it takes to build and maintain world-class websites.

My experience runs the gamut from single-handedly coding a fully functioning CMS for a magazine – to managing a team of web developers creating online experiences for millions of users.

I like to be somewhere between those two extremes and thrive well under ambient light and music. I am an equal measure of right and left brain – comfortable in both Photoshop and Vi(m).

My number one skill set is learning what is required to complete the job. My rounded experience in all aspects of “Internet needs” makes me uniquely qualified to assist startups as they transition to full-fledged companies.

A common phrase heard is “we don’t know what we don’t know”. For a startup without an Internet specialist in every area, I would be an asset to cover the unknown for them in this entire field.

Some specific projects that may been in need of managing now:

  • Does your company have a DVCS?
  • Does your company have a process in place that allows you to track changes to your software over time?
  • Does your company have a roll-back process in the event that you promote bad code?
  • Does your company have an automated deployment process to each of your development, stage and production servers?
  • Does your company have project management, quality assurance and development “best practices” and are they followed rigorously?

These are just a few of the projects that I could bring to fruition for a company in need. My varied experience allows me to say with confidence that I would be a valuable addition to any organization. I would be an excellent candidate for leading one or more teams of developers and/or cross-functional staff to develop public or private websites and/or web applications.

Thank you,

Brian Gibbins

PS: In an ideal world my job would be 100% telecommute from my basement home office (the #musiquarium, yes I named my office). Internet, music, computers, books, food, what else could I need? My office is hard-wired to the Internet (a project I took on a couple of years back). This provides my Macbook Pro and Ubuntu server with speedy Internet access.